How to choose the number of classes your organization has the capacity to serve:

First, consider the capacity of your organization to deliver CHOICES.

Typically, two volunteers are needed for every three classes served. For example, if the schools have 12 classes (sections) of 8th graders, you’ll need 8 volunteer presenters to serve them all. It would be ideal to serve all the classes the schools want so that no students miss out, but if you don’t have the capacity to do so, negotiate with them to settle on what you can reasonably deliver.

The following downloadable PDF file provides more information about the commitment asked of prospective volunteer presenters.

Next, consider the schools you’ll work with in your community.

Contact your schools and introduce them to CHOICES using the downloadable PDF files below:

Work with the schools to determine the number of classes your organization can support. Consider the following:

  • The preferred grade level (we recommend 8th grade, but 7th or 9th grade could work)
  • The core subject in which to host the workshops (e.g., Language Arts, Math, Science, History, etc.)
  • The number of grade-level sections in that core subject (classes with up to 30 students per class)

Once you have determined the number of classes you’ll serve, please complete our CHOICES Inquiry Form and we’ll respond with your quote.