What We Cover

The teacher-approved curriculum makes the case for staying in school and introduces teens to skills for success including time management, decision making and goal setting. Trained volunteers engage teens in interactive exercises during the workshop and share their real-world experiences and insights. Teachers remain in the classroom during the sessions.

CHOICES presenters serve as positive adult role models from the “real world.” This gives them credibility in the eyes of the teens they serve.

Wow! What an impact! I want to start school all over again to use their advice. They were engaging, caring, funny and inspiring. The way they connect with 8th graders, it’s not easy, and I learned a few new ways from observing them.”

– CHOICES Host Teacher

The Impact

Approximately 6 million teens have participated in CHOICES, and we have partnered with hundreds of organizations and engaged thousands of volunteer presenters. Our greatest impact, however, is demonstrated through the testimonials from students, teachers and presenters.

  • “I’ll try harder to think about what I want in my future.  I’ll apply self-discipline by knowing my boundaries and when to stop something.” – Student Participant
  • “I will remember that everything I do impacts me” – Student Participant
  • “I learned to be nice to the time and time will be nice to you!” – Student Participant
  • “I will try way harder on my grades and do homework more often” – Student Participant
  • “The real-life experiences are valuable and helping them to understand that self-discipline will have a positive influence on their future is huge.” – Host Teacher
  • “Kids get into the information about balancing checkbooks, and they pay attention to how $15 an hour doesn’t go very far when paying bills. It’s cool to see them connect the dots about why it’s important to stay in school to get a better job.” – Volunteer Presenter
  • “This program provides great value in promoting responsibility and understanding the consequences of their choices.”   – Volunteer Presenter

The Two-Day Structure

NOTE: The structure described below is how CHOICES has been delivered in the past. Due to the impacts of Covid-19 on in-person school classroom instruction, we have developed a virtual version of CHOICES that is delivered online in real-time during one 45-minute session conducted on one day. Please contact us for more information about how you can bring this engaging and well-received version of CHOICES to the students in your community!

The CHOICES workshop consists of two 45-minute sessions delivered on consecutive days in the classroom during the school day. The first session focuses on the value of staying in school and the second session introduces life skills to help teens succeed in both school and life.

Teacher-Approved Curriculum

Day 1 – Stay in School
  • The Time of My Life
  • Take Charge Factors
  • School Decisions and Career Consequences
  • Money Management
  • The Graduation Challenge
  • Dog Tags and Cellphone Game Cards
Day 2 – Skills for Success
  • Mock Job Interview
  • Time Management
  • The CHOICES Challenge
  • SMART Goals
  • Key to Success