Who We Are

CHOICES Education Group is a non-profit organization headquartered in Seattle. We have developed a unique, interactive workshop for 8th-grade classrooms—CHOICES—to help middle school teens understand the power of making positive decisions, such as focusing their attention on school.

Our mission is to empower teens to make positive educational choices that will increase their career and life opportunities.

The in-classroom workshops are delivered across the country by volunteers from local communities who share their real-world life experiences and insights while delivering a teacher-approved curriculum. The funding comes from many sources, from donations to grants to sales of workshop licenses.

CHOICES Education Group is led by Executive Director Leo Muller and a diverse Board of Directors representing local and national business and education communities.



In 1983, Gary Frizzell of Seattle, Washington created a workshop called CHOICES. The workshop’s start was the result of his experience as a dad trying to reach his teenage son during some difficult times. When confrontation didn’t work, Gary decided to write his son letters about the real-world impact of decisions and how choices could have long-term consequences. The approach of showing how negative decisions could derail his son’s life worked, and his son started to make better decisions. That’s when Gary figured that the approach might resonate with other teens as well, and CHOICES was born.