How it works

CHOICES is licensed to your organization based on the number of eligible classes in the schools you wish to serve. Once you provide us with this information, we’ll give you a quote for the fees, execute a simple license agreement with you, and then provide the training, materials and support you need to implement and manage the program in your community.

Below is more detailed overview of these steps, and we’re happy to walk you through this over the phone when you’re ready – feel free to contact us.

Step 1: Determine the number of classes you plan to serve. (Learn more.)

Step 2: We’ll provide a quote of the Annual Program Fee for your selected number of classes.

Step 3: Upon your approval of the quote, we will issue a simple license agreement for the school year you want to license. This agreement is good for the remainder of the academic year under license, and is both expandable during the school year and renewable in subsequent school years. The bundled fee is all-inclusive and covers the license, training, program materials, shipping and program management support.

Step 4: Upon receipt of the signed agreement, we’ll ship your program materials and send you an invoice for the fee. Program materials are packaged by class, so you will receive one set of materials for each class you license.

Step 5: You’ll designate someone in your organization to serve as the CHOICES Program Manager (CPM), who will recruit & train volunteers, secure host schools, and schedule the workshops in 8th or 9th grade classrooms. We’ll provide CPM training to this person to help them implement and manage the program.

To get started, please complete our CHOICES Licensing Inquiry Form below and we’ll respond with a quote and more information.

CHOICES Licensing Inquiry Form