We at Alaska Airlines are big believers in the CHOICES program.


It presents middle school students with real choices they will make in the coming years, as well as the downstream consequences of each choice. Just as importantly, it gives our people a chance to interact with teens, and hopefully provides these teens good modeling of careers they might choose to pursue. CHOICES has afforded me the opportunity to personally demonstrate to my employees and my business peers that all of us can and need to make the time to help teens make positive choices. Ultimately we all depend on it.

– Brad Tilden, CEO, Alaska Airlines, Retired

In my opinion, CHOICES ranks amongst the easiest non-profit organizations with which to train and engage volunteers.


If you care deeply about helping kids understand the value of education and how education or the lack thereof will impact their quality of life, you will find CHOICES to be a terrific partner. It is personally very rewarding to know that it takes just one student in the classroom who will think differently about his/her education to make the time spent an uplifting experience each and every time I give a CHOICES presentation.”

– Bob Peters, Director of Corporate Banking, Washington Federal

 CHOICES stands out for me because it delivers a program that tackles the baseline issues inhibiting individuals from achieving social and economic stability.


For young people at risk of dropping out of school, the CHOICES curriculum provides that much needed real-life context to help them grasp the connection between school and their life, career and financial aspirations. CHOICES’ turnkey training model makes it easy and enjoyable for companies of any size to engage employees. My teammates and I have continued to be delighted by the volunteer classroom experience. CHOICES has given me the opportunity to directly engage students and to feel that I’m having an immediate impact.

– Anthony DiBlasi, former Managing Director & Washington State President, Merrill Lynch & Bank of America