Volunteering your time and expertise with CHOICES allows you give back in a meaningful way that directly and positively impacts teens. There are two primary avenues through which you can volunteer with CHOICES:

Volunteer as a CHOICES Presenter

I am not a teacher or a counselor. I’m here because I care.”

Being a CHOICES Presenter is very fulfilling – you are the messenger! CHOICES Presenters actively deliver the SMART CHOICES and MONEY CHOICES workshops to teens right in their school classrooms. We use a co-presenter model, so you’ll have a partner with you delivering the message. The workshop materials include talking notes, instructions and prompts to help keep you on message and on time. And a certificated teacher will stay present to manage the classroom environment. You can help us a make a real difference in the lives of teens in your community!

What’s the annual commitment?

Three workshops, eight hours – and a caring heart. You’ll take our online training class. We’ll then provide all the resources you’ll need and schedule you to co-present the workshops in one or more middle schools, three times during the school year – that’s three classes and 90 students! You’ll need to take some time off from work during the school day, but it’s well worth it for the sake of teens!

Volunteer at CHOICES Education Group

In addition to being a CHOICES Presenter, you can volunteer with CHOICES Education Group by providing your expertise and/or connections to resources, individuals and organizations that can benefit CEG. Whether it’s in sales & marketing, fundraising, tech services, accounting, or program development, we can use your help!

Volunteer Inquiry Form

To learn more about becoming a CHOICES volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Inquiry Form below and we’ll get back to you with opportunities for involvement.