The CHOICES Challenge: A cell phone game from CHOICES Education Group

You’re about to make a new friend who’s facing tough CHOICES ahead…can you guide your friend through? Take the challenge!

The CHOICES Challenge is a game you play on your cell phone. The goal is to guide your pretend teenage friend through challenges they’re facing in high school. Once you choose your friend, he or she will ask you for help once each day for the next 20 days. Your score – and their success in school – depends on how well you guide them. If you complete the game you will be entered into a drawing for a cool prize. Take the CHOICES Challenge now!


  • Text the word GRADUATE to the toll free number 844-315-1578
  • You’ll get a few messages explaining the game; respond as instructed
  • Choose your pretend friend and they’ll contact you (not a real person)


  • You must be at least 13 years old to play the game
  • Be sure to follow any rules your school and parents have about cell phones
  • The game is equal to a PG-13 rated movie or a T-rated video game