PUBLISHED: 3/9/20 @ 12:56 PM PDT
UPDATED: 6/7/21 @ 12:35 PM PDT

CHOICES Education Group is deeply committed to the health and safety of all students, school staff and volunteer presenters involved in CHOICES presentations. To that end, we have prepared the following guidance for CHOICES Program Managers regarding CHOICES delivery during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated as necessary and as relevant to CHOICES.

  1. Stay in regular contact with the schools you are planning to serve during the school year. Schools may begin the year in-person, online or using a hybrid model of both in-person and online instruction. They may switch to 100% in-person instruction later in the school year. Get the latest updates on their status so you can plan how best to serve them.
  2. For schools that will start the year 100% in-person, you can plan to serve them as in the past, complying with this guidance (see items 4-6 below in particular). For schools that will not, we currently offer a single 45-minute virtual version of CHOICES that builds empowerment and resiliency skills in teens. Your presenters can deliver this content online via real-time interactions with teachers and students in their virtual classrooms. Please contact us for details on this version of CHOICES.
  3. If your organization was unable to deliver CHOICES during the past school year due to the impacts of Covid-19, we will upon your request extend your existing license agreement to December 31, 2021 so you can still serve those students in the fall (at their new grade level), while also serving your regular 2021-2022 students sometime that same school year, all so that no students miss out on CHOICES during this challenging time. Please let us know your situation and we will make it happen.
  4. If you will proceed with live delivery in your schools this coming year, please remind all of your CHOICES volunteer presenters to follow safe and healthy practices as instructed in the General Information section below, and to always maintain safe and healthy contact with students, school staff and co-presenters. We strongly recommend that presenters who will present live in the classroom be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and follow all school requirements for visiting the classroom.
  5. Instruct volunteer CHOICES presenters that on the days leading up to their scheduled in-person CHOICES presentations, and on the days themselves, if they feel ill or have any symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or have had direct contact with anyone who has had a positive test for COVID-19, they should immediately inform you, refrain from presenting in-person at that school, and contact their doctor. See our Emergency Call List information below on preparing for last-minute replacement volunteers.
  6. Instruct volunteer CHOICES presenters that whenever they are on school campuses, they should wash their hands or use at least 60% alcohol hand sanitizer before having contact with students and their CHOICES classroom materials, as well as before and after every class they serve.

General Information About Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Information about preventing the spread of COVID-19 is changing often. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay up to date on the latest information and recommendations for your health and safety and that of others.

If you believe you were exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19, contact your doctor immediately and follow their advice. If you unable to contact your doctor, contact the closest health care facility and follow their advice regardless of affiliation or insurance coverage, or call 911.

Emergency Call List Information

Occasionally a volunteer CHOICES presenter may need to cancel their assigned presentation at a school the day before or morning of their presentation due to illness, car trouble or other emergencies. As the CHOICES Program Manager (CPM), you can prepare for replacing such a volunteer on short notice by creating an Emergency Call List.

The Emergency Call List contains the full contact information of experienced volunteer CHOICES presenters that have agreed in advance to be on-call to fill in for presenters who have to cancel at the last minute. They keep their physical programs with them and ready to use all times, in their car, home or office. The list will include at a minimum their name, cell number and email address, but possibly also their work and home numbers and addresses.

When a scheduled presenter informs you that they need to cancel, you can simply call down the list until you secure a replacement. As the CPM you should also be prepared in the same way to replace the scheduled presenter as a last resort. Finally, if all else fails, contact the school before the class session starts to reschedule that class and/or the whole school as necessary.